Our Team

Photo of Anthony W. Conner

Anthony W. Conner

Partner/Financial Services Professional

Photo of John B. Conner

John B. Conner

Partner/Financial Advisor

Photo of Wesley A. Brugh

Wesley A. Brugh

Partner/Financial Advisor

Photo of Crystal Knuttgen

Crystal Knuttgen

Financial Advisor

Photo of Gretchen W. Beedle

Gretchen W. Beedle

Financial Advisor

Photo of Steven Westlake

Steven Westlake

Financial Services Professional

Our Associates

Photo of Catherine Nolen

Catherine Nolen

Manager and Administrative Assistant to Anthony

Photo of Becca Abshire

Becca Abshire

Administrative Assistant to John

Photo of Jenni Reeves

Jenni Reeves

Director of Operations and Client Services for Wesley

Photo of Kristen Thomas

Kristen Thomas

Administrative Assistant to Gretchen